A church wedding this is not. :)

When my best friend and fellow photojournalist Michael Kruleski came to me about this project, I did not hesitate for a second. He told me this would be a not-so-traditional wedding ... and we would have the opportunity to collaborate, both on the acquisition, and on the post. We both jumped at the chance to work together as a team and create something truly unique and different. And I have to say, it was by far the most fun I've had capturing and creating a wedding video ... ever.

Neither of us had ever met Lia or Dan prior to the wedding day ... they live on the West Coast. Kru has the relationship with the bride's parents ... long time friends of his. We had to jump in feet first, and establish that essential connection and level of trust with the bride and groom right away. Both of them, as well as their families, became very comfortable with us right off the bat. We did our level best to be 'flies on the wall' throughout the day.

Kru and I captured the events with (3) cameras: (2) manned, and one for the cover wide shot of the ceremony.

We attempted a truly a 'documentary-style' presentation. Mostly natural light, capturing natural moments as they occurred.

On a personal note, our collaboration in post on this project was special. It was a chance for two great friends to hang out, have a couple of beers, and make something positive, memorable, timeless. We met once or twice a week for a few hours after work. While similar to what we do on a daily basis, this edit was such a pleasure because we had no immediate deadline like we do in news. It was a great time!

Kru and I hope you enjoy watching the piece as much as we enjoyed capturing and creating it.

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