Myself (Chad Johnson) and my buddy Todd Kushnir have been having improv jams for over 20 years.
On December 27, 2013 I spent the night at his place in Cupertino on my way home
from visiting my mom in Oxnard for Christmas. We set up 2 microphones, 2 guitars
running through an amp simulator, a bass, his keyboard and his DJ Controller.
My guitar also had a midi controller pickup triggering strings.

With 2 cameras running we recorded the initial improv playing our guitars and singing, then played that improv back in our headphones and did a second pass, playing along with ourselves. The only prearranged idea was the word "Electromagnetic". The rest was all improvised off the tops of our heads. We were just basically jamming to 2 chords (A/G - A) with as many different feels or grooves as we could flow. "Keep it simple!" was the motto. We got some pretty fun vocal complexity going with 4 voices all bouncing off of each other. Todd took some samples of our voices from the first pass, and put them into his exponent DJ controller.

This is the full length, uncut recording. Stick around for the whole thing, because it's
fairly epic and pretty awesome.

Chad plays:
• Ibanez AS103 Semi-hollow guitar
w/ Fishman TriplePlay Midi Controller triggering strings
• Vox Panther Bass
• Shaker
• Vocals through a Rode NT1 microphone

Todd Plays:
• Carvin DC 150 Guitar
• XPonent DJ Controller
• M-Audio Axiom 49 Keyboard
• Shaker
• Rode NT2-a Microphone.

Recorded into Todd's PC running Ableton Live, with the guitars recorded direct going into Guitar Rig 5.

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