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Current methods of spatial documentation (hand measurements, Total stations) are limited in the number of measurement points which can be gathered in a reasonable amount of time. The data collector must predetermine which points will be significant to collect at an incident scene in the amount of time available. Should additional measurements be required, a return visit to the site must be made with the hope that the scene has not changed significantly in any way. ( In some cases, additional measurements may not even be possible, for example a vehicle involved in a collision which has since been repaired or destroyed.)

A 3D scanner gathers data objectively and comprehensively, sweeping a laser around its entire surroundings and recording the spatial characteristics of EVERYTHING in its line of sight. Millions of points are recorded - points so detailed and densely collected that once processed they form a "point cloud" - a highly accurate, photo-realistic three-dimensional digital representation of real world objects and environments.

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