Meet Yum Yum - the Vietnamese pot bellied pig with a difference.

The ten-month-old porker is a regular at his local hairdresser's in North Shields- where he accompanies his owner to work each morning.

Susan Gordon, 53, literally saved Yum Yum's bacon when she rescued him from a group of young men who had been planning to put him on a barbecue.

And now, she walks him along the pavement from her home in North Shields to Halo Hair Design, just as though he were a pet dog.

Customers can't help but make a fuss of the farmyard animal, who causes quite a stir among the blow drys and shampoos.

Susan, the owner of Halo Hair Design, took Yum Yum on in March 2013 when he was just ten-weeks-old.

Now Yum yum, who has a vegan diet, weighs a hefty 80 kilos and lives in a plastic shed in Susan's back yard.

Susan said: "When I knew they were going to put him on a barbecue I was horrified. Pigs are my favourite animals so I had no doubt about taking him."

Animal lover Susan, who also has three bull terriers, a parrot and three budgies, walks Yum Yum twice a day often taking him to open and close the salon.

She said: "When people see him their jaws drop. They slow their cars down and pull over to take pictures of him. Kids shout to him in the street.

"It can take an hour to get home sometimes as people are always stopping totake photos.Everyone loves him, they think he is great.

"My staff were a bit shocked at first but they are used to him now. He gets stroked a lot in the shop by customers. He runs around biting everything, he pulled down the Christmas tree this morning."

Susan, who is known for rescuing animals, often fosters pets before passing them on to a good home. But after falling in love with Yum Yum she has decided to give him a permanent home.

She said: "I rescue lots of animals. I used to have geese, ducks and birds. I usually pass them on when I know they are alright but I decided to keep a Yum a Yum as he has become part if the family.

"My three dogs love him. When its sunny they all lie in the garden together. He is lovely, he likes you to rub his belly and he is very intelligent. He is very easy to look after. I rub him with pig oil once a month."

Yum Yum, who will be one-year-old in January 2014, eats a healthy diet of apples, pears, carrots and the occasional slice of bread.

Susan said: "He is a vegan, he can't eat any animal products at all because of foot and mouth so I feed him Vietnamese pig nuts."

"People donate a lot of food for him. My friends bring me boxes of apples and carrots for him to eat. He is very popular."

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