Bismillahir Rahmaanir Rahiim,
MSN USA 1991-08-30 Friday - This series is a day-to-day Chronicle of Mawlana's 1991 USA West Coast Visit.
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We met today in THE PINK HOUSE in Palo Alto (across from where Hewlett and Packard invented the PC).
We had breakfast, then, later, travelled to Milpitas where GRANDSHAYKH NAZIM gave a suhbat entitled OUR LIFE's RECORD.
After lunch, we attend Jumah in Palo Alto where Mawlana gives a suhbat entitled OUR AGREEMENT WITH ALLAH.

00:00:00 Breakfast at The Pink House
00:03:02 Travel to Milpitas
00:04:49 Lunch and Prayer
00:09:08 OUR LIFE's RECORD
00:43:58 Prayer
01:01:38 Salaams Salawat and Naat (some tape dropouts)
01:16:00 Mawlana relaxing and eating with mureeds
01:17:38 Turban wrapping

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