2014 NEO National Human Trafficking Day Conference Survivor's Panel at Notre Dame College in
Cleveland, Ohio. The Human Trafficking Symposium co-sponsored by Beech Brook and the Renee Jones Empowerment Center on January 10, 2014.
Rachel talks about her life on the streets when she was taken at 16 years old by a pimp, the cycle of prostituting in NY, and how she managed to get out.
Pauline speaks on her time prostituting to feed her drug addiction, the emotional trauma that evolved out of her experience, and her struggles to become sober and leave "the life".

"We were quite honored to have Steven Hassan as our keynote speaker at the 2014 National Human Trafficking Conference in Cleveland, OH. Mr. Hassan shared The BITE Model of Mind Control applied to Trafficking which really gave all of the first responders and all of the conference attendees an understanding of how pimps and traffickers operate to take control of the victim’s behavior, intellect, thoughts and emotions which was invaluable information for those working to help restore the lives of victims of this heinous crime. Renee Jones- President & CEO –Renee Jones Empowerment Center"

Renee Jones, President & CEO
Renee Jones Empowerment Center
1340 West 65th Street Front
Cleveland, OH 44102

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