Based on a small, elegant patch mentioned on the Muff Wiggler forum (thanks: Navs, Stufflinear, Porify), which you can find here:

I've made a few changes to the patch above, but it is the same general idea.

The changes include:

In the original, either Maths' SUM or OR out is controlling Channel 1's BOTH range. In this, the SUM and OR are sent to a mixer, and the output of which is controlling Channel 1's BOTH amount.

Maths' EOR output is clocking a Wogglebug, the Clock Out of which is triggering a Doepfer A-160 clock divider. (My first pass at this patch was a bit more involved, with the Wogglebug's CV outs controlling modules that ended up not being used here.)

The A-160's /2 output is triggering a Dr. Pad (Snare 1 sound). The /4 output is gating a Moog Rogue.

Maths' second Channel 1 output is sent to the Wave Env. amount input on a Wiard/Malekko Anti-Oscillator, adding a sort of "thwack!" to the sound.

Maths' Channel 4 outputs are sent to:

1. Bubblesound uLFO PWM input
2. Doepfer A-156 Quantizer CV in

The Quantizer's output is sent to a mult, and from there to:

1. 1 v/oct input on a Wiard/Malekko Anti-Oscillator
2. CV in on a Moog Rogue

The Anti-Oscillator's Triangle and Mayhem outputs are sent to Channel 1 and 2 on a QMMG. The AO is receiving FM from the uLFO, with the Pulse wave going to the EXP in and the Sine going to the LIN in.

The Trigger output from the 156 is sent to the first QMMG channel's CV input, which is shared between Channels 1 and 2 (both in LPG mode).

I look forward to getting a new, better camera. In the meantime, I apologize for the picture quality of this video.

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