An archived work and leader to the 'Symphony, Manhattan' project, this short film was undertaken in 2008 during the on-set of the financial crisis and the presidential campaigns of Barrack Obama & John McCain.

Without any preparatory research or preparation of any kind I bought a plane ticket and headed to the airport without any accommodation pre-booked or sought. The project was undertaken completely spontaneously with the intention to capture the look and feel of a city in that place and time.

Spending 12 hours a day on the street navigating the city purely by instinct I covered the upper east & west sides, mid-town Brooklyn and more. Along the way I interviewed street sweepers, taxi drivers, made friends and filmed anything that caught my eye from corporate protests in the Flatiron District to the wind-swept boardwalks of Cony Island.

5DM / The 120th Hour (Five Days In Manhattan) A Tourist Production 2008, 45 Minutes.
Conception, Camera, Editing & Graphics by James Aldred.
Music used under license by Audio Network PLC

This film should be played loud :) Please watch with a great sound system or headphones!

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