"A sweet, hilarious film, which is so successful due to the performances of Cavanagh and Rendall." -- William Brownridge, TORONTO FILM SCENE

"This is a smart comedy!" -- Eli Glasner, CBC

"A well made and incredibly likeable comedy from director Bezaire." -- John Corrado, ONE MOVIE FIVE VIEWS

"Full of charm and heart." -- Talia Crockett, THE ARTS GUILD

"Easily on of the best comedies you'll see this year." -- RAINDANCE UK

Bird enthusiast and high school teacher Ron Spencer has seen his life fall down all around him: his students don't respect him, his ex-wife has finally decided to throw him out, and worst of all, his daughter is drifting away from his teachings as a 'birder' toward more modern methods.

When he loses out on his much-desired job as Head of Ornithology at the National Park to younger, hipper rival Floyd Hawkins, he decides he's not going down without a fight...but he's going to need a little help.

Ron unexpectedly bumps into Ben, a pot smoking slacker, and former student. The two quickly forge an unlikely friendship, bonding over their mutual hatred of Floyd. They set out on a haphazard campaign to take Floyd down and restore Ron's bird watching legacy.

Starring: Tom Cavanagh, Mark Rendall, Jamie Spilchuk, Tommie-Amber Pirie, Allana Harkin, with Graham Greene, and Fred Willard
Directed by: Theodore Bezaire
Written by: Theodore Bezaire & Mike Stasko
Produced by: Gerry Lattmann, Jeff Nadalin, Roy A. Collavino

Official Website - thebirdermovie.com
Facebook - facebook.com/thebirdermovie
Twitter - twitter.com/thebirdermovie

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