Since his debut on the Cuban visual arts scene, Niels Reyes (Santa Clara, 1977) has picked up many plaudits and prizes and is often featured as one of Cuba’s very best new generation of Cuban artists--not so much up-and-coming but in the here and now. He is most well known for deciphering what lurks behind human faces. He seeks to delve into the depths, seeking the unknown.

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Much of his work centers on a series of images that symbolize happy moments from the past, which have been demolished by the aridness of evolution. A kind of frozen childhood makes its appearance. His paintings are not the mere delight of putting together a character dominated by color and the desire to establish a new manner of expression. He is drawn to seeking the drama of an individual, of many of his contemporaries. Dawn, fire, a river, fields, a tree, fruit, the sea or a train--all these are symbols that interact with the characters in his paintings. And these characters are beings that have been deeply disturbed by dilemmas and who invite the viewer to discover their essence.

Niels’ journey of apprenticeship to the present has been a patient one, proceeding step by step to remove the outer layers until he has been able to touch his truth and to create a recognizable style.

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