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GOMA is a collective that finally came together and had a similar feeling that we were not VFX Artists but were Artists that did VFX. Coming from many different backgrounds, the cast at GOMA had only one mission: to visually enhance human experiences through any means necessary. From the design to the narrative, from a scratch of graphite on a measly napkin to the umteenth pixel on the most high definition screen, the sole idea of GOMA is to inspire people with any medium, across all boundaries. A few of us have come from blockbuster movies to AAA video game titles, but we realized we wanted something more. We are not motivated by the numbers, technology, or medium, what we are motivated by is the human story, and what we are is GOMA.
GOMA is an agency based out of Los Angeles that came together in the summer of 2013. A collective of 3 (RR,RG,RF) individuals that had a passion for technology and arts decided to come together so that they could work on original content and to enhance the work of brands, musicians, artists, and story tellers that felt the same vision. Covering all the basis of visual mediums today, GOMA is dedicated in making visions happen.

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