Finished my animation, and I got to say I feel like I can put it in my reel.

DISCLAIMER: I did use a DBZ sound file and yes, I know it's a copyright issue. So I'm not stealing from the studio who made the sound. Just putting it out there.

Now as for the assignment, I spent 10+ hours on it (not in one go anyway) but I feel like 'skilled laziness' and knowing them hot keys really helped my animation looking presentable.

I have to admit, last class suggested I put skyscraper in the background so it can fill in the composition, but I tried and realized I didn't have time for it. The line art was challenging, yet inviting because I figured out a way to get my rough sketches and do my line art to cut some time in the actual production. I draw the roughs with a light blues brush, and then draw over the that with the black line art ON THE SAME LAYER. Then use the hot keys Command + Shift + A to select the blue color. Then I delete it, that way the line art stays, and the roughs go.

As for the character, I called him Raj (don't ask why) but I didn't want to animate a regular questionable East Asian, Caucasian male, like I always do. On the side note, I should animate more Black character, not as a reflection of me (because I am African American) but diversity in my skills as an animator.

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