This installation is combined with a live performance.
The work is a portrait of optimism as described by
Voltaire in his book 'Candide'. Candide is an attempt
to contradict the Leibnizian vision on optimism.
Like Candide (the main character in the book),
audience MUST deal with social codes he come
across during his trip around the world.
The work is an allusion to the discussion on
integration of aliens in the Netherlands.
Must a stranger integrate and ignore his
background? Candide, the main character
of the book, through his experiences abroad,
has come to the a realization that life is not
only the castle with all the privileges within.
The book ends with: ''On doit cultiver notre
jardin...''(we must take care of our garden). There
is then no best culture; we must all keep learning...
The viewer of the installation is a guest of a dinner
where he has to use his hands to eat. Spoons and
forks are worked in a lamp that glows in front of him.

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