The latest and greatest from Baby Seal Studios has been chopped and edited for your viewing pleasure.

On a day that the weatherman predicted temperatures between 30-40ºF, Sal and I rode the first few hours in normal albeit cold conditions until we mistakenly rode into the eye of Hurricane El Niño on our descent from the San Gabriel Mountains. In freezing sleet & rain, the two insane wankers struggled against the power of mother nature in a testament of human will vs the elements. Ultimately, mother nature prevailed as our young heroes were forced to call search and rescue during an emergency stop at Subway to take our crying, battered victims to safety. It is with great pleasure we bring you, "Welcome to Sufferville- Population 2"

Fun Facts:
Starting time- 4:00 A.M.
Distance - 80ish miles
Temperature - Ice ice babbbbay

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