How do you build a company around your customers? Learn how to identify your target market, assess your customers' needs and use customer insights to continue to move your product forward.

2:04 | Introduction
4:00 | Personal and professional background
5:10 | Lean startup revolution
8:43 | Ideal business model - SPIN selling
11:16 | Disruptive companies - Linkedin, 37signals and Dropbox
11:52 | GradeBeam story - Exactly what not to do in the early stages and the importance of understanding what your customers want
15:43 | Steve Blank's customer development explained
16:56 | Customer discovery - Let them tell you how to solve the problem
19:24 | Customer validation - Who to sell this product to and how much to sell it for; Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
21:05 | Marketing and sales channels, strategic partners and channel strategy metrics example
24:36 | Terms and metrics - Cost of goods sold, annual revenue run rate, customer acquisition payback period, churn, customer lifetime value
27:41 | Digital marketing: A science - Google analytics, organic search engine optimization (SEO), Google adwords, pay per click (PPC),
35:48 | Hire a sales team? - When and when not to have a sales team; sales metrics for a sales team
41:45 | Execution requirements, funding requirements and exiting

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