Demonstration of type tool and motion tracker in Smoke's Action module. Again running in demo mode on an "unsupported" MacBookPro.

Type tool allows you to create real 3D geometry with custom bevels and texture maps. Great for making nice looking 3D type, but lacking the type animation system found in After Effects or Apple Motion.

The Discreet point tracker is as good as it gets. It tracked relatively quickly on this 1080 footage considering the hardware. I'm curious to see how it crunches through footage on a MacPro compared to our Linux rig. Notice how quickly the bad track was fixed with onion-skinning to re-position the track. Sometimes speed isn't everything... UX is king.

Finally I show the default quality of the 3D edges when rendered, which is far from satisfactory. To get something decent, I had to crank the sampling up to 16. Combined with turning on motion blur and upping the blur samples to match After Effects' default, the render bogged down to over 14 minutes.

It is a myth tha these boxes (ie. Flame/Inferno/Smoke/Fire) work in realtime... most operations need to be processed in the end. But we do not need to do these long renders until the end of a shot... we can work extremely effectively in the integrated toolset with aliased edges and proxies to make our creative decisions quickly, and this is where these systems shine. It's weird that they are no longer "systems" though and just another app running on my laptop.

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