World record holder Herbert Nitsch dives to over 214m (702ft) on an historic No-Limits dive in 2007. He did this on a specially designed weighted sled that took him down more than 3.1m a second.
He made this dive, on one breath of air, and the dive was over 4'24 mins long.
The footage is taken from some of his dive.
The underwater housing was a homemade housing designed for this record, and was pressure tested to 230m. It was equipped with a Sony HC1 and a 0.3 wide angle fisheye lens.
His dive profile was as follows:

16 seconds at 22 meter.
74 seconds from 22 to 214 meter.
54 seconds from 214 to 60m
50 seconds from 60m to 9,5m
54 seconds from 9,5m to surface.

07 seconds deeper than 214m
20 seconds deeper than 200m
53 seconds deeper than 150m
90 seconds deeper than 100m

Highest speed reached going down 3,1m/s
Highest speed reached going up 4,0m/s

An equalize extension tool was used on this dive. EQEX. (Coke Bottle!)

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