The dreamy, almost psychedelic "27 Years In A Single Day" was a song featured on Chris Stamey's first solo album 'It's Alright', release in 1987.

I LOVE THE dB's!!!

Way back in my avid vinyl collecting days as a spotty little teenager, I use to frequent all for the import record stores from Archies 'n' Jugheads AKA Dr Pepper AKA Missing Link, Pipe Import, Exposure Records in Kew, Gaslight Records and so on. I stumbled up this nifty seven inch by a band called The dB's from the States. The A Side was a catchy little song called "Black And White", while the flip had this funky jam called "Soul Kiss". I WANTED MORE!!!

That would have been 1980 because their was no dB's albums released yet. The following year their debut album finally came via a slow boat, called 'Stands For Decibels'. The year later 'Repercussion' was in my hot little hands. There was some bands that were like my own little private pleasure and the dB's were one of them. I never heard a song of them played on the radio, none of their songs appears on Countdown on TV, yet these two albums were in constant rotation in my bedroom. I must have worn them down to their bare grooves. Catchy power pop songs like "Amplifier", "The Fight", "Happenstance", "Dynamite", "Neverland" and "Big Brown Eyes". I couldn't get enough.

Being an aussie dB fan from the other side of the planet was a hard slog. Albums never got local release and were even impossible to find at an import store. I never was able to purchase their follow up album, "Like This" until CD's finally replace vinyl shops and I was able to get the re-released small pesky silver disc version. I finally did track down their final album before they split up, titled "The Sound Of Music". With excellent songs like "Bonneville", "Working For Somebody Else" and "Change WIth The Changing Times", it become my new instant classic in my vinyl collection.

Many years past and I did pick up some solo material. Peter Holsapple and Chris Stamey released two albums together and their was The dB's with friend's Christmas album. They even reformed in 2012 and release one more final album.

Those early raw recording remain in my heart as some of my favourite songs from that era in my life. They were formative years of self discovery, of being a music nerd trawling through import record shops and holding up large 12 inch vinyl recording, as if they were treasured works of art. Thank you The dB's for being a significant part of my life.

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