DC Shoes & LRG Clothing present
Friends montage in City Of New Lights with
Dan Redmond, Hayden Kelly, Ian Twa, Josh Anderson, Kyle Macdonald, John Lupfer, Anthony Williams, Colin Findlater, JD Robinson, Sean Lowe, Geoff Dermer, Nate Oliver, Mitch Barrett, Desmond Hoostie, Joe Buffalo, Cory Wilson, Jamin Shepit, Justin Allain, Walker Ryan, Chany Janguenin, Joey Pepper, Kelly Hart, Chris Connolly, Rod Ferens, Adam Hopkins, Matt Berger, Wade Desarmo, Grant Patterson, Gailea Momolu and Paul Trep

City Of New Lights is an independent skateboard video by Jarvis Nigelsky that features: Micky Papa, Ryan Bonnell, Lee Saunders, Josh Clark, Spencer Hamilton, Dustin Montie & Chad Dickson. With Arte Lew, Josh Kline & Friends
In-association with
Underworld, Jenva, Color Magazine

Visit: cityofnewlights.com
Released 2009 - Canada

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