Exposé video of Slippy, a game resolution CG character. (~15k tris, 2k textures)

The video shows:

- A full colour concept.
- Titles.
- The model, animated.
- Turntable of the model, switching between wire-frame and textured views.
- Colour palette concepts.
- Model Sheets, final model for comparison and silhouette.
- Texture maps with a close-up for the colour map.
- A quick demo of the face and lip synch rig.
- A quick break-down of the joints and rig for the body.
- Lip synch animation of Slippy speaking. (Voice clip from Joy Chan's reading of English Fairy Tales on Libravox.)
- End

Notable features of Slippy's rig:

- Dynamics for various parts of her armour and hair. Animators can also blend between direct keyable FK controls.
- Blendable IK/FK switching limbs and spine.
- Broken hierarchy rigging which includes a custom key-able 'pivot-space' for dealing with shots that might otherwise be more time-consuming.
- Reliable automated roll joints.

More of my artwork is on my portfolio site at theofinnie.com

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