Time Arts Club proudly presents:

HAPPENING #10: our 1-Year Anniversary Art Party!

Saturday, DEC. 14, 2013 at Place Gallery- Portland, OR.


Drag/Music Performance by MANNY LAYERS

Live Portraiture by MICHAEL HORWITZ

Art Installation by BRYAN DALTON

16mm Projections by PAM MINTY

Video & Sound Art by BEN GLAS


Kinetic Art by TIM FERRELL

Set Design by ISAAC WEISS


Video Art by RILEY KING

3rd Floor of Pioneer Place - 700 SE 5th Ave.

An homage to time-based art parties like Allan Kaprow's Happenings, the FLUXUS movement + Warhol's Exploding Plastic Inevitable- each of TAC's Happenings feature new Live, Visual, Music, Video & Installation Art by PSU students, instructors + guests from the community.

Time Arts Club is a PSU student organization dedicated to Free, All-Ages, Experimental, Community Art events organized by PSU student & faculty volunteers.

HAPPENING #10 is our 1-Year Anniversary of producing free, all-ages, multimedia art events. To celebrate we have organized our largest event ever- a mini live art festival happening at Place Gallery- downtown PDX.

ACID FARM and SOLENOID are local, experimental, electronic dance acts that use all hardware & synth instruments- with emphasis on the 303 which is known for it's Acid tones that ruled the original techno sound.

BRYAN DALTON, MANNY LAYERS, PAM MINTY & ISAAC WEISS are interdisciplinary artists pursuing MFA's in Contemporary Art Studio Practice at Portland State University.

RILEY KING (Film); TIM FERRELL (Arts Studies); & KAYLEIGH NELSON (BFA in Art) are interdisciplinary students in undergrad art programs at Portland State University.

MICHAEL HORWITZ (MFA); BEN GLAS (BFA); & DILLON SILVA (BFA) are interdisciplinary art students at Pacific Northwest College of Arts.

The theme of our 10th HAPPENING is "Community,” we hope you will meet us on the gallery dance floor.

ACID FARM: soundcloud.com/acidfarm
SOLENOID: discogs.com/artist/Solenoid
BRYAN DALTON: mistakethebeautiful.com/
TIM FERRELL: vimeo.com/user720642
BEN GLAS: vimeo.com/benglas
MICHAEL HORWITZ: ihearthorwitz.tumblr.com/
RILEY KING: vimeo.com/user3843127
MANNY LAYERS: mannylayers.tumblr.com/
PAM MINTY: pamminty.com/
KAYLEIGH NELSON: vimeo.com/nayleighkelson
DILLON SILVA: vimeo.com/dillonsilva
PLACE GALLERY: fb.com/placepdx
TIME ARTS CLUB: facebook.com/TimeArtsClub
TAC VIDEOS: vimeo.com/timeartspdx
EMAIL TAC: timearts@pdx.edu

Time Arts Club Event History:

HAPPENING #1 – 1/25 at Neuberger Hall:
Music by Brain Crush; Visuals + Installations by E*Rock, Julie Perini, Bugenhagen, Tim Ferrell & Ernest Wedoff; & Temporary Chalk Mural by Kaila Farell Smith.

HAPPENING #2 – 2/22 at Neuberger Hall:
Live Music by Stepkid, MSHR, Mutagen & Tripp Johnston; Visuals + Installations by Amanda Machina, Mark Martínez, Bugenhagen, Ernest Wedoff & Tim Ferrell; Temporary Chalk Mural by Sean Christensen.

HAPPENING #3 – 3/6 at PSU's Art Building:
Live Music by Maxx Bass, Solenoid, The Tenses; Visuals + Installations by Bugenhagen, Tim Ferrell, Julie Perini, Isaac Weiss, Mark Martínez & Ernest Wedoff; Body Performance by Manny Reyes.

HAPPENING #4 – 3/22 at Neuberger Hall:
Live Music by Goodwin, Solenoid, Activity Universal; Live Art by Joe Von Appen; Visuals & Installations by Cody Brant, Shane McDonell, Bugenhagen, Ernest Wedoff & Tim Ferrell; Performance Art by Manny Reyes; Temporary Chalk Mural by Dunja Jankovic.

HAPPENING #5 – 5/13 at EFFPortland & GalleryHomeland:
Live Music by Soup Purse, Portland Bike Ensemble & LYRELS; 16mm Film Projections by Colin Manning; Video Performances via Buenos Aires by Daniela de Sarasqueta; Live Art by Bugenhagen & Manny Layers.

HAPPENING #6 – 6/13 at Shattuck Hall:
Live Music by Lavender Mirror, Fred Meyer, The Tenses & Guzo; Body Performance by Stacey y Blanca; Video Art by Tim Ferrell, Julie Perini & Mami Takahashi; History of Madonna by Manny Reyes; Video/Performance by Angela Campbell; Art Installation by Bugenhagen.

HAPPENING #7 – 8/1 at SoHiTek Gallery:
Live Music by Atole, JX:ATG & Portland Bike Ensemble; Video Art by Katie Yancey, Tim Ferrell & Perry Doane; Temporary chalk mural by Kaila Farrell-Smith.

HAPPENING #8 – 10/3 at SoHiTek Gallery:
Live Art by Manny Layers & Stacey Villalobos; Video Art by Tim Ferrell, Riley King & Mark Martínez. Part of Manny’s solo art show, 10/3 - 11/2 at SoHiTek Gallery.

HAUNTED HAPPENING #1 – 10/26 at Neuberger Hall:
Music by wndfrm, (V)!_!(V), Mexorcist, Joel Stotesbery & Kali Valence; Temporary Chalk Drawing by Isaac Weiss; Video Art by Bugenhagen & Tim Ferrell.

SODA_JERK performing "THE CAROUSEL", 11/19 at Shattuck Hall Annex. Presented in collaboration with PNCA's Video + Sound program.

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