A corporate "Christmas Card" video that I shot using the Canon 7D last month.

I realise that everyone's probably had enough of Christmas by now, but in the end this video, for reasons not fully understandable, was left on the (digital) cutting room floor, as the company I made it for didn't want to use it, and I thought it a shame to have spent so much time making it for nobody to see it!

Everything apart from the overhead tree decorating sequence, which was shot as a stills time lapse on a Canon 5D, was shot at 720@60fps on a Canon 7D and slowed down to 25fps in Cinema Tools to get nice slow motion.

The 7D is great, and makes lovely images, but it's not a patch on the 5D when it comes to low light performance. I also had lots of buffering problems when recording video that I don't get on the 5D. The camera's buffer seems to fill up too quickly and stops recording. This has happened only once or twice to me while using the 5D, which I've had for over three months now, but in just one day it happened about 7 or 8 times with the 7D.

Everything edited and graded in FCP.

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