new beginnings. the second video in the UNITY series, new beginnings is a short film that illustrates the time less and uniquely beautiful way that we transform. as the artist carefully composes the sketch of a butterfly we are able to see the irreplaceable transformation. filtering this through our community lens, it is a ongoing dialogue of the ways that we experience transformation in our lives as well as in community with others. the film poses the question, as we aim to understand unity in community "what transformation or new beginnings are happening in my life?"

frame it up.
a division of the institute for cultural communicators
a creation of the ignite 2014 media prep team
directed and produced by wendell moon
music by moby
media prep team: caleb burdett, blake fisher, matthew hooker, anne-marie prochaska and john mclean
special thanks to sam pierce, blake carey and seth kays

new beginnings.
the institute for cultural communicators
© 2014 all rights reserved

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