Footage shows cockpit work, new shader development and Audio work.

Please be aware all footage shown in the above video is exactly what it states in the title "Work in Progress"

Features are likely to change during the development of future patches. Please consider this as features shown are subject to change as more is learned about the features and coding in the Cliffs of Dover software.

It must be stressed that the video you will see linked below contains footage showing the comparison and it really is a huge difference. I stress though, that the smoke in the video is not optimised and the mission I made to show off the fog/horizon fix was made effectively to overload the particle system. London really was burning! Our new effects guys (one on vacation at the moment) are set to get to work on rebuilding the particle effects and making them even more fps friendly. The smoke in the video is not optimised and fps hovered around the 21-25fps....but you'll see why ;) The new shader is set to be released with v4.01 ;)

Finally, here is the video of continuing WiP as we move forward understanding the code and effects. This is a long video (nearly 10-minutes) but it includes footage of cockpit repaints for the Bf-110, the new shader effects and finally work from our guys in the Sound Studio. I must stress the Sound Studio is really early WiP but already it is looking/sounding like they are having fun learning new effects and re-working the soundbank. Please understand, we are not sure if these will make v4.01 or will have to wait until v5.00, but hopefully you can get n idea of what they are 'playing' with? ;)

Here goes then, and hopefully the next update will be v4.01 ;)

Cheers, MP/TF

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