The official video for Beck's "Bad Cartridge" which is an 8bit remix of "E-Pro" by Paza from the Guerro album (Interscope 2005). The song is also featured in Guerrolito, the remix album). Video directed by Wyld File.
The Scene: an arcade in downtown LA
Dogface (the limo driver) is in a vintage arcade full of wondrous games of mystery and
intrigue and pretense. The camera follows him from game to game as he plays each one for a few seconds. We see that arcade games have beautifully rendered side panels, like most 80's style arcade games, but the
games themselves are rendered in crude pixelated animations. So a game with a crazy airbrushed side panel of a battle in space might be just a few colored pixels flying around.

The Games:
dunes a plenty, the haunted sunglasses, edible edison, sexy math, word turd, moth and the dagger 4, burger crime, dr doo's upsidedown candybar, eyes-in-time, world war 0, alien eruption, lava shoes, mint bellyyzz, candy gun, 1000 girls, race chace, illegal law, zen bush, animal phone, rave dave's mistake!!!AGAIN?, ballman, zebras in your face, mama shoot, fish!!!, soda song, gum-face, office glider, bullets or bananas, remote zot, 1244, spanish dancer man, mario's parade, red guitar, blue sitar, fucland, space death, master maker, harry henderzox, noise balloons, feral child, mall of america, money river, speed sludge, the slow wave, music man, the revenge, mushroom clouds, war-atar, bottles of patterns, cloud swamp, porcelain breakdance mummies, bass masters (not fish but opposite of treble), troubles with monkey, smell factor, dig dung, river runs through it, boggle, adventure training camp, fantasy elevator, dominoes aplenty!, demolition frog, space place, dooo man's creation, kid fight, super strategy wallstreets, sneaky members, basketball rescue force, war of the lip friends, eatman maze, captain face, laddies and ladders, mandle bro.

Final scene:
Dogface removes his mask to reveal that he is... Yanni!
Just Kidding! It's Beck!

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