xname did the first performance in the XAWARA's Box yesterday... Today we have two others.

the name of her performance is Xawara as well..

Xawara is the smoke of the metal!

Xawara is responsable for the destruction of the rivers, forests and the exterminations of the Shamans.

Xawara's box is a black tent that will serve as a sounding board for deliberate use of metal. One way to show and identify the worshipers of metal.

Xawara means epidemy and sickness.

The profecy of the yanomamis (Indigenous comunity) says: Xawara will kill all the Shamans, and when this happens, the sky will fall, the earth will be destroyed because its metal structure, its skeleton was removed from her.

here the video Xawara from Xname.
This white woman, nude, pregnant feels like Xawara, her body explored, her force extracted. She is the Earth's surface, domesticated, naked, metallic.


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