MOA is the most complete blend condensed into a super drink. It was prepared including the best ingredients that nature has to offer in terms of super foods. Free of preservatives and other toxic substances, MOA is produced with purees, whole fruit extracts including skin, vegetables, herbs, mushrooms and uniquely formulated to be the best and most original drink available in the market.

MOA drink contains the most complete blend of super ingredients that exist in terms of super foods. Free of preservatives and other toxic substances, MOA is 100% natural, produced from purees, whole fruit extracts including bark, plants, herbs and mushrooms, organic ingredients formulated in a unique way, resulting in the best and most original drink available.

MOA drink characteristics and its production:

* This is a 100% natural holistic blend, made with 34 exceptional ingredients, exclusively made with the true essence of juices and purees.

* Its aseptic production, the health care industry standard!
* Without extending its useful life and without using pasteurization, using only the highest natural ingredients.
* Completely free of pesticides and other chemical contaminants.
* Without sodium benzoate or another preservative (unique in the market) due to its aseptic production.

Drinking just one type of juice with a single ingredient is not always the best option. The best choice is to have a variety of ingredients, in order to increase the synergistic effect.

Each of these ingredients acts differently in your body so it is recommended complementarity.

This is exactly the case of MOA drink, which contains the right ingredients that ensure strong health benefits, inside and out.

Our purpose, with MOA drink, is to make accessible the best super foods found throughout the world. Most of our fruits, plants and fungi have organic certification.

The higher nutritional content is found in raw foods, has been scientifically shown that drying processes at elevated temperatures or even cooking, substantially reduce the nutritional value of foods.


MOA is bottled with care and prudence, without heat stress or without the addition of preservatives. Everything is done using our cold production, sterile and unique. This unique and avant-garde process is free of synthetic additives, bottled at the correct temperatures, without pasteurization tunnel, without hot filling, without the use of sterilities, preservatives or cold sterilizers. MOA is a unique drink!

MOA is composed from the following biological or organic ingredients:
♦ Acai berry
♦ Goji
♦ Blueberry
♦ Noni or Indian mulberry
♦ Mangosteen
♦ Elderberry
♦ Mango
♦ Turmeric root (Saffron from India)
♦ Acerola
♦ Apple
♦ Kombu
♦ Bergamot
♦ Pear
♦ Black Cumin (Nigella sativa)
♦ Aloe vera
♦ Cherry
♦ Grape
♦ Orange
♦ Blackcurrant
♦ White tea and green tea
♦ Strawberry
♦ Blackberry
♦ Plum and Prune
♦ Kelp
♦ Bilberries or myrtle berries
♦ Blueberry
♦ Seedless grape
♦ Peach
♦ Pomegranate
♦ Bioperine – a concentrated form of piperine, the active ingredient of black pepper.
♦ Cordyceps (Tochukaso)
♦ Shiitake
♦ Maitake
♦ Glossy ganoderma (Reishi)

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