I was having difficulty in one of my FileMaker Pro solutions with a simple ExecuteSQL () statement. I posted the question on TechNet and Greg suggested that I might have a corrupted field index. This turned out to be the case.

Since it is hard to replicate the problem (that is, I don't know how to intentionally corrupt a field index), I made a screencast of testing Greg's theory (which turned out to be more than an theory).

A couple of things in the screencast are not well said. First, I say, "Fixing the index is pretty easy but you can only do it once." That is not correct. What I meant to say is that if it is a corrupt field index and I fix it, I don't know how to return it to the corrupt state in order to document the fix. (Not sure that is any clearer).

The other thing I say that is convoluted is "…I'm not really sure if that cleared out the index or if I need to get out of Manage Database…" After reviewing that, I think what I said is pretty silly. Of course I had to get out of Manage Database - how else could I check if the index was rebuilt!

So apologies for the inaccurate phrases. To view the TechNet discussion, search for "Strange SQL behavior".

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