The Ice Castles are not like anything I have ever seen. Instead of carving ice to create these castles, they place sprinkler heads in a well thought out manner and position icicles in such a way that the water continues to grow the icicles - taller and wider. In fact, over the next 5 weeks they expect the height of the Ice Castle to almost double. Ice Castles have two other locations - Breckenridge, CO and Midway, UT. If you live anywhere near one of these towns you don't want to miss this beautiful display of art.

When I first learned of the Ice Castles I knew that I wanted to capture some timelapses there with the Milky Way moving across the sky. After speaking with the folks at Ice Castles we set up the shoot for last night. Myself and two other photographers (Mike Taylor and Garrett Evans) headed up north to Loon Mt in Lincoln, NH.

When we arrived we soon realized that due to the amount of light pollution around the Ice Castle that trying to capture the Milky Way behind the ice would be a tough proposition - even with the colored LED lights turned off. Instead we stayed and photographed and filmed the Ice Castle to make use of the long trip that we all head.
The first clip in the video is a composite made with a time-lapse captured at another time and place.

Once we had enough shots of the Ice itself we decided to use each of us, as well as a tent that Garret brilliantly brought with him, as props. This video was created to showcase the beauty of the Ice Castles at night.

If you like the video please feel free to share it.

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