This is a video put together in Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina in the years of 2004 and 2006. It initially was going to be an ongoing project but after over indulging in DVD copies I got burnt out on the concept of producing a video and then dealing with distribution. This was before the internet made sharing video projects so easy.

It features the skating of 16 year old Justin Brock, Drew Hanner, Dan Murphy, Chad Shooter, Jed Shooter, Ty Rohde, Sturgill Horn, Matt Atreau Mercer, Ricky Covach, Daniel Roberts, Josh Bowman, Frank Hirata, Tyler Tufty, Bob Reynolds, Daniel Clements, Mike Swett, Jeremy Menard, Kyle Berard, Mark Thompson, Connor Champion, Mike Vallely, Reese Forbes, Bastian Salabanzi, Tim O'Connor, Jeff Lenoce, Brandon Fonville, Austin Reaves, Brett Abramsky, Scotty Moore, Wes Bell, Zack Hollinfield, Sam Gregoire, and Daniel Kim.

It was filmed by Travis Knapp-Prasek, Chad Shooter, Jed Shooter, Jonny G, Biggs, Brad Rosado, Ricky Covach, Chris Brunt, John Evans, Mark Thompson,

I produced and edited it on a very janky computer running some out of date version of Windows using Vegas Video (hence the janky slow motion)

It was rad project to be apart of during a pretty intense era of skateboarding in North Carolina. Thanks again to all the filmers and skaters for putting in the work to make this thing turn into something.

- Travis Knapp-Prasek

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