'Auralization of the Boundary' is an audio-visual installation work that makes sound wave constructed from the visual "boundary" of sceneries in our daily life. For this, the authors created a system capturing video, correspondently processing it and turning the visual data into sound waves in real time. The computer vision system detects the boundary line of sceneries, such as cityscapes, people, fireworks, etc. The data of boundary line shapes are directly transformed into sound waves, producing the expressive synthesis. Both audio and visuals achieve the intuitive recognition of the transition of the boundary in scenery. This installation implies the instability of surroundings by showing the captured movie and alternately produced sound from its moving images.

Director of Photography/Editor Sinsuke Yasui
Calligrapy Natsuko Kanno

Special thanks to
Seiichiro Matsumura
Yusuke Setoguchi
Toru Nakamoto
Yoshihito Nakanishi

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