Unfortunately this is all the footage and photos I got to take of this Beautiful little girl

Ruby come into my life on the 2nd of January 2010.
She was given to me by a woman who was in Tin Can Bay seeing her brother and had also brought him up a puppy from her dogs litter.. being a Bull Mastiff cross Great Dan.
I noticed the woman walking the two puppies and thought how cute little 'Ruby" was with her crinkled head and funny little walk. The woman told me that the father dog had accidently run into the puppy and had given her nerve damage and was looking to find her a good home to love her and look after her.... incomes stupid Me!..
"I'd love to have and give her a very loving home and life!!!".... That was on Saturday the 2-1-2010.
So I bring her home get special puppy food for her sit on the kitchen floor helping her to eat twice daily.... not know the poor little bugger had "Tetanus" and was suffering greatly, I treating her as if she has a Brain injury and thinking I'm doing the right thing for her.
Monday morning I ring the vet in Bent St,Gympie and make an appointment for that day for Ruby and I to see Phillip the vet. Well after a 60 km drive into Gympie I soon found out that my beautiful little ruby had Tetanus and the kindest thing was to put her to sleep to end her pain and suffering.... which tore my heart out!
I can't say wether or not this woman know that poor little Ruby had Tetanus or not but one thing is for sure that at less Ruby last couple of days on this earth were filled with LOTS and LOTS of love.

PLEASE ...To all my animal loving friends out there check out some of the info I have found for you to have a read of and if your in any DAULT your vet is the best person to see!

I would Like to Thank very much Bent st vets for their Love and true kindness that they gave to both Little Ruby and myself... They are true vet who truly care about the animal first and the Money last and show true love and compassion to both Pets and owner/s
Thank you so much Phil and your wonderful co-vet xo




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