"The Village is burning", documentary film, 63 minutes, MiniDV on DigiBeta, colour

"Home is a small, protected space that should give people a feeling of comfort."
The border region in South Carinthia, Austria.

A Slovenian-speaking minority lives side by side with the German-speaking majority. "The Village is Burning" by R.W. Fassbinder is being rehearsed in the small village theatre, Trotamora. Trota comes from the Austrian word for the death-bringing witch that appears at children's bedsides. Mora means nightmare in Slovenian.

The director rehearses a revolt against the oppressors on stage with his group of Slovenian-speaking lay actors, while German-speaking patriots from the Carinthian Homeland Service, the Carinthian Federation of Defense Fighters and the Comrades League prepare for their national holiday on October 10th.

They constantly invoke the defensive against Slovenia in 1920. They protest against bilingual schools and town signs, defend their homeland with more monuments, flags and torches and eagerly support Jörg Haider, Carinthia's governor.

In the midst of all is the Catholic Church. Home to both language groups. Despite protests by the Carinthian Homeland Service, church services, funerals and religious celebrations are always held in German and Slovenian.

A film about conflict, home and identity, repression and power. A theatre of real events.

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