The Sin City Dancers are back at it again, but this time with less Sin, more Dancing, and in Nuke 3D scene.

Sean Deveraux says “there is no such thing as easy keying” and this is an example that proves that rule. Real life keys require a divide and conquer strategy - separating the content into different sections, each according to their specific needs. This Nuke-based script is an exercise in complex keying for 3D composition.

The scene has lots of issues: the blue screen is unevenly lit, lightning changes the colour of the key, and there are numerous video artifacts in the sequence. The keying strategy for this composition was two fold: 1) separate the talent into four areas (Railing, Man, Lady, and Lamp) and 2) use multi-keying. Pulling a single key for the entire sequence is impractical, given the interaction of the lightning with the blue screen and then the blue screen with the talent. As such, focusing on each element, optimizing the key for that specific content made sense.

To see how this was composited, please check out:

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