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CASTLEKINGS mag is a quarterly publication that will inspire and focus on creatives within the realms of Photography, Art and Culture.


My name is Matthew Chatburn. I'm Australian-born, Brooklyn-based, and photography is my creative strong suit. I've been living in New York since 2012 and the one thing that kept catching my attention was each person's constant strive to get things done, from creative projects or deadlines at work, to simply catching the next train.

One Saturday during a busy shift at work I glanced out the window to take a breathe and suddenly everything seemed to move into slow motion. The kitchen hustling, table conversations, drinks coming through, people rushing by outside, cars speeding along...and then it hit me: somewhere in the middle of all that hustle, be it from the pressures of big city living or the strain of every day life, we all need moments to STOP, catch our breathe, get inspired, and then move forward again.

CASTLEKINGS will never be out there to beat the competition, but will join alongside other publications that have, well, inspired ME to stop and create. We will feature stories not only about those who have "made it," but also creatives who are still on the journey and pushing boundaries within the realms of PHOTOGRAPHY + ART + SURFING + CULTURE.


Working with a team to build something is a strong foundation for this project. Having the eyes and ears of people I trust surrounding me is what makes the CASTLEKINGS process more defined and exciting. Each with expertise in their field, we have the cohesive goal to create something real and inspiring in every aspect of the magazine.

Matthew Chatburn - Creative Director

Myke Herman - Photo Editor

Brittany White - Assistant Editor

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