Alas, what has become of our cyberpunk future? Once a promise of symbiotic singularity, cyberspace has withered into shameless advertising, ethically dubious data mining, social media addiction, and false, fragmented ideals of identity. Will we ever escape this twisted reality?

Directed by Graham Beckstead

Written by Graham Beckstead and PALMERSMEDIC

Madison Jacobs as USER
Taun Wakefield as The Adversary


Director of Photography - Hans Hansen

Assistant Director - Pette Radman

Camera Ops - Stephen Davis, Jerry Bloh, Mitchell Schultz, Nicole Brown

Gaffers - Joshua Dusserre & Taun Wakefield

Makeup - Mayra Garcia & Clifford Wolter

Grips - Philip McCuiston, Larry Curtis, Jason Lake

Art Direction & Set Design - Jason Lake, Clifford Wolter, Nicole Brown

Script Supervisor - Trina Polta

"Executive" Producer - Mark Davis

Special thanks to Salt Lake Community College, Mark Davis, Channing Lowe, & Seth David-Andrew Hubbard.

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