Life is a beautiful and delicate experience. If you've ever been a person that has been stuck --stuck between the person you aspire to be, but still bullied by the mistakes of who you were, you understand this about life with great clarity... I love this song by J. Cole, which was inspired by Nas' "Stay" because its real rap, honest dialogue that reminds people of their own humanity. That we're all still vulnerable and ordinary people, constantly trying to get better at this life thing. At this art thing... At this aspire toward something greater than yourself thing... And that's a good thing! So stay real. Without further ado here is "Stay". HIS story as told to me.

I knew I definitely wanted to create some form of artistic expression to this song because although it's an oldie, it's still a goodie! So I choreographed a dance, taught it to my homettes Hilary MacDonald and Nadiya Ledan. Made a storyboard, styled the looks, artistically directed the flow of it and had those geniuses from Stae Tru Concepts execute it. Lastly, I asked a few good friends to step in as actors and bring the vision to life: Dunns "DopeDunns" Diaite, Shantell Jeter, Kayshla Mendez and Ella Wechsler-Matthaei.

The conversation of love, passion, and expression is one I'm constantly exploring, trying to intellectualize for myself and my clients -- hence The Love Dance Project, a body of work from a place of passion, created by people that move toward their passion. I'm on a journey. Feel free to join me.

Artistic Director | Choreographer | Visionary

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