Introduction to Facebook Origami - a design prototyping toolkit for Quartz Composer. Originally presented at Triangle CocoaHeads on January 23, 2014.

The "SpyBook" prototype created during this talk is available at

This is the first of many Origami tutorials I hope to create. If there's anything specific you'd like me to cover, just leave it as a comment below. Thanks!

Table of Contents

00:00 Quartz Composer Overview
08:21 Origami Overview
08:58 Origami Patches
12:19 Demo Project Goals
13:30 Building Demo Composition
20:50 Scroll Patch
23:51 Transition Patch
25:47 Classic Animation Patch
29:27 Conditional Patch
33:51 Additional Resources

Resources & Attributions

Origami Project Page

“Introducing Origami for Quartz Composer” by Julie Zhuo

QC Designers Forum

“Prototyping with Quartz Composer” by Jay Thrash

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