'All or Nothing' is a promo for 2NE1's upcoming new album and world tour.

Directed and Produced by Dee Shin
제작/연출- 신동글
Co-Director - Ziyong Kim (Fantazy Lab)
Production Art - SONG
DP - 이춘희
Gaffer - 박지성
Editing - Dee Shin
CG - Giant Step
Sound Design - Roger Lima (White Noise Lab)
AD - Ellen, 김정곤, 김민철

Executive Producer - YG Entertainment

The mission was to come up with something grand for the much delayed comeback of 2NE1, the biggest female icons in K-Pop. The first challenge was that their slogan ('All or Nothing') and their visual concept (space) were largely left unrelated, and the second challenge was that we only had a week to get it done. The result was a Doctor-Who inspired trailer (crude but classic) with a suggestive theme of quantum theory (silly but not really). The tickets were open on the same day of the viral release and were sold out immediately.


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