"At€nea" is both a physical and symbolic journey conducted in 2012, all over an 'old' Europe marked by depression and disappointment. Far from the news eager point of view, Roger Grasas presents a mysterious and disturbing Europe, peopled with scenes where animate or inanimate beings dialogue in an encrypted language.

Like a dive towards the origins of the West, "At€nea" starts at the European Central Bank headquarters in Frankfurt, the epicenter of the current economic and political reality. Two months later, the route ends at the foot of the Parthenon in Athens, thus closing the passage from the current speculative financial temple to the ancient Greek temple of art and wisdom. A journey from north to south, from the rich Europe to the poor one, from the crisis of values to the original value of ideas.

Along the whole distance, the author uses several means of transport, from the most modern to the most primitive (plane, train, car, boat, bike...). The final stage, until the Acropolis, consists in running from Marathon, so as to emulate Philippides, the heroic messenger. Such milestone took place during the century of Pericles, a period marked by the rise of art, philosophy and politics. Roger Grasas finishes the project with this historical remembrance, a physical act of symbolic transformation of the territory.

The result of the journey is a collection of 70 photographs documenting the human footprint on a landscape marked by traffic between the built city and the 'non-places' of postmodernism. Quiet images that, instead of providing answers, shape more doubts.

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