A series of strips of hand-painted 16mm film spliced together and animated through color and shape. Each strip was painted on with India ink, acrylic paint, drawing inks, gloss medium, shellac, bleach, acetone, xylene, sharpie markers, thread, cotton, saran-wrap, and x-acto blades. Heat, moisture, and cold were applied--and in some cases, gravity, where the strips were hung at shifting angles as they dried or hardened. Finally, each frame was photographed individually and either backlit or frontlit to emphasize color or texture.
Though each strip was created in an entirely experimental manner, there was a startling resemblance not only between all the strips, but also to biology and microscopy--where each individual frame was strikingly similar to images produced in a lab or photographs of micro-organisms, fibers, or crystals, etc.

These films evoke a living-laboratory, where the images--or mock-science--comes alive when played as a film, but also can be dissected as individual specimens or samples from a larger study when the video is scrubbed through frame by frame.

Kathryn Marshall

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