I have already changed the history of the world in 3 minutes with The M Stone video which shows a full scale relief optical illusion created by a megalithic artist some 6000 yrs ago. So now I have decided to break my own record and this time I break it down to 1 min 29 seconds. Its a another 'Lucky' type stone except that this time the video is only half as long and the rock is x10 bigger.
I clearly show the hidden sculptures on the rock called 'Monument to Humanity' in Markawasi, Peru, South America.
I show the super optical skills of the megalithic builders and their ability to multi link complex arrangements which defy our present day optical reason.
I show how its possible to make an archaeological discovery which changes world history without ever visiting the site.
I introduce the world to the lost visual languages of global megalithic cultures.
I propose to science that if our ancestors created these monuments then our eyes have altered because it is outside of our current art chronological history
I top Stanley Kubrick.
rebelmouse.com/MarkMarnell/Portfolio/ twitter.com/MarkMarnell

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