After his car breaks down on a lonely country road, Paul walks through a wet melancholic landscape before chancing upon another car, but one which is ironically also broken down. Here Paul will face fear, pain and suffering, yet also a chance to redeem himself of his recent actions.

Shot with a £28 Aiptek 3D camcorder, which had scathing reviews dismissing it as as "nothing more than a toy", Black Spot was conceived as a narrative test for the capabilities of the 3D camera and as a result was made with a very minimal budget.

I was deliberately aiming for a trashy, bleak 70s horror feel, a bit grindhouse but without the now cliched scratched prints and tongue in cheek aspect, but also something that feels a bit more 70s Brit horror, like Deathline or something like that.

The film was shot at the bottom of the South Downs near Poynings and Fulking, with additional shooting at a flat on Brighton seafront.

The 3D version of the film is available to view here - you'll need some classic red/ cyan glasses to view it.

There is also a 3D stereoscopic version that can be viewed on 3D TVs here:

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