iTouchiLearn Words is the first fully animated flash card app for the iPhone and features animations that teach toddlers a series of words with associated actions while making them laugh. With its short, colorful and funny animations, iTouchiLearn Words engages toddlers while building their cognitive, language and verbal skills. Filled with frogs leaping, children dancing, monkeys swinging, fish swimming, balls bouncing and bubbles floating, iTouchiLearn Words is a delightful distraction.

The clean, sliding thumbnail interface makes it easy to choose an animation to play. Simply touch, play and enjoy. Unlike static flash cards, iTouchiLearn Words is a fun, interactive way to learn. Each animation is short which keeps your child's mind attentive. They will want to keep playing and learning. Kid-friendly, kid-tested, kid-proofed and kid-approved.

A Spanish version will be released in early January, 2010.

iTouchiLearn Words was conceived while watching our two year old granddaughter, Julia, interact with her Uncle Jake's iPhone. She quickly mastered the interface and remembered her favorite apps. So, we thought, why not create our own little magic for toddlers who play with their parent's, uncle's, aunt's and grandparent's iPhones.

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