What is the state of the state of Utah? It’s a good question that Governor Herbert expressed in a speech last week on capital hill. Following the largest rally in Utah’s history to clean up the air, there was a significant increase in talk about doing something to help clear the seasonal air quality, however most of the recommendations fall short sighted for the large, sweeping reforms we need for car and business emissions. The previous year, Governor Herbert touted the need to move the prison to build more business parks at the point of the mountain, championed the oil and gas boom in eastern Utah and moving the barriers of government bureaucracy for independent business to thrive. These are economic engines, but not sustainable for the long-term, healthy living that Utahans have enjoyed in the past. More expansion of roads, mineral leases and future tar sands will increase air pollution, sap existing water supplies and add to the growing problem of trash collection and recycling. As a citizen, stay informed with the issues and spread the word about legislators and representatives that are making a difference for the betterment of Utah and all it’s amazing natural beauties.

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