Mike Kryzhanovsky, a former KGB and CIA "Filament"

I have no doubt Hillary Clinton will be elected American President in 2016.
In 1995, I, a former KGB spy and a sniper , was recruited by CIA in New York.
I had to spy on the White House and the United States Congress.
More important - Bill Clinton was a target and we were discussing his assassination. Why ? That's a different question.
The problem is , I refused to do the job and they pressed me very hard.
In 2001 I've asked Senator Hillary Clinton for help. She said "no" and I had to blackmail her saying that I've saved her husband's life refusing to work for CIA.
Finally, she helped me to fight CIA on my side.
We can work together and I'm ready to join her team as a Vice President, though I'm a former KGB spy.
So, Mrs Hillary Clinton, see you in the White House in 2016.
CIA is international terrorist organization, they killed John Kennedy, they wanted to kill Bill Clinton and they planned to kill Barack Obama.
We have to eliminate this mafia forever.

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