Movi from : Imaginastudio /
Song: Gregoire Lourme / soyons optimistes
First hands on the amazing Movi.
It was said that it is a game changer and it truly is.
Very easy to use and very convincing results.

This was shot on 5d mark 2 raw, with a slow card, so I had to shoot low res for it not to crash.
Lens 16-35, and all shots are very high iso, around the 3k range.
Very interested to try the raw on the 5d mark 3, must be amazing at 1080p.

I feel like panning does require some trial and error though.
You have to play with the panning window and smoothness before you get what you want.
Walking/running/stairs is remarkably easy and efficient on first try.

Looking forward to trying the movi either with a 5d mark III or an scarlet/epic on it!

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