Isis introduces the Sacred Living Center and invites you to learn more about what we are all about.


Today is the day you begin the most fulfilled time of your life in every way. Spiritual Awakening, Reality Creation, Spontaneous Enlightenment, and effortless, happier, prosperous living begins right here, right now. We are co-creating a brand new reality together, ringing in the Golden Age of Humanity.
Become the Creator of Your Destiny.

The Sacred Living Center is a syncretic institute of higher living and personal growth that is unlike any spiritual path or personal development program you’ve ever experienced.

We offer an advanced, multidimensional approach to successful living utilizing tools, techniques, and traditions spanning over 5,000 years as well as modern reinterpretations of sacred texts, philosophies and approaches for tapping your infinite power and potential.

The Sacred Living Center supports us as we to come together to transform ourselves, our communities, and to reach our potential in this lifetime. You are invited to join us on a path of self discovery and realization.

If you are looking for a permanent way out of suffering, if you have been seeking an authentic mystic and teacher to guide you to deepen your awakening, your love, joy, and genius, if you are seeking personal liberation, The Sacred Living Center was created just for you.

Imagine, being fully engaged in life and filled with radiance, delight and joy. Imagine what life would be like if you could stop expending all your energy and time seeking, healing, clearing, and working on yourself?

Imagine becoming the creator of your reality.

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