Recommended by Vsauce and Laughing Squid, this song is flooring people with incredible images and surprisingly good music production. Got to see this one to believe it...

What's an arthropod? Lucas Miller, the "singing zoologist," gives you the low-down in a music video that is hilarious and truly a spectacle! With the help of entomologists (and photographers) John & Kendra Abbott, this video shows you the full spectrum of arthropod splendor. And that kid really sells the cockroach costume, doesn't he?!

Do you ever feel like a stinky shoe
Just blocked out the sun, and next will step on you?
Do you ever feel like a roach motel
Was built just for you, you are its clientele?
Do you ever feel like you give folks the creeps?
Six year olds all scream and grown men shut their eyes and weep?
You may not have a spine but lift antennae high
'Cause you're important guys
Are you living under a log, or high on a hog?
Come on out of that bog but watch out for that frog!

'Cause baby you're an arthropod
Shake your segmented bod
Let the people go, "EW! EW! EW!"
'cause we all depend on you, you, you

Your legs are jointed and oh-so adaptable
That exoskeleton so tough and practical
It's made of chitin strong but it gets tight, you know
So you bust out of it and then a new one grow
Rockin' the ocean floor with pincers big and strong
Your feet were first on land, took to air before too long
You pollinate the plants, you feed the human race
Eat most anything and go most anyplace
So spread your wings, you're nature's kings
Let your stridulating ring, but please don't sting!

'Cause baby you're an arthropod
Shake your segmented bod
Crabs, spiders and bees, bees, bees
Shrimp, grasshoppers and millipedes

Zoom, zoom, zoom
You buzz around my room, room, room
Here comes my mommy with a broom, broom, broom
Better get out of here soon, soon, soon

'Cause baby you're an arthropod
Mother Nature's go-to squad
Let the people go, "Gross, gross, gross!"
'cause without you we'd be toast, toast, toast

Baby, you're an arthropod
Shake your segmented bod
You make me go, "Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!"
So many kinds of you to know, know, know!"

So many folks to thank here: TSlank Productions, Johnny Villarreal of Edge of Imagination Station, Wyeth, Owen, Sean and Angela (the kids in the video), the many other photographers who allowed me to use their work (it's all either Creative Commons/Flickr or iStockphoto): Megan Hines, David Hogan, Arno & Louise Wildlife, & others. If you would like to be credited or credited in another way, let me know and I'll take care of it.

The music is, obviously, inspired by Katy Perry's "Firework" but I tried to give it my own spin. Hopefully she won't block it.

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