I find this more aesthetically pleasing than all of the white space currently in Phone.app. The Phone.app in this concept opens like a folder, making it feel less like an app and more like a "built-in" dial pad.

Ever since the first iPhone was released, I found it a bit awkward that the phone software was presented as just another app rather than giving more of a "built-into-the-os" feeling, similar to Control Center, Notification Center and of course, folders. By my logic, the iPhone's main (obviously not only) selling point - differentiating itself from, say, the iPod touch - is that it's a phone, after all.

I've considered changing the icon to something like a phone/folder hybrid, but this video is meant to focus on the dial pad itself and how it works.

For now, I'm calling the concept 'Pholder.'

(Imaging and animation done in Photoshop CS5)

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